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The Hydro Battery PSH project site is located 120 km North of Revelstoke, on the existing reservoir, Lake Revelstoke, formed behind the Revelstoke hydroelectric powerplant dam. The Mica powerplant is just 20 km upstream of the Hydro Battery site and behind the earth-filled dam is the Kinbasket Lake reservoir, also a very large “battery” or energy storage device. The power (MW) and energy supply (MWh) of these two valuable BC Hydro assets combine to produce almost 50% of the dispatchable electricity supply for the entire province.
Our Hydro Battery site consists of a small upper lake that will form the energy storage reservoir for water pumped up from Lake Revelstoke, ~1300 meters below, at times of low power demand and return the water to Lake Revelstoke, in a continuous charge/ re-charge cycle on a daily or weekly basis., as peak power demand may dictate.