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Generating Affordable & Sustainable Power For BC & Beyond

Our Mission

We are committed to making a difference as it relates to renewable energy for our province. The Hydro Battery Project offers a pragmatic alternative power source that will more than replace the output from the Site C project. This Pumped Hydro Energy Storage asset will offer British Columbians an affordable, dependable capacity resource that has world-wide proven ability for balancing the grid and for firming up variable renewable energy. The imperative of Climate Change mitigation will increasingly transform our economy in North America towards a low carbon, more reliable, more interconnected, more distributed Future Grid. The Hydro Battery resource, along with other energy storage technologies, will better support the already well-advanced transition towards The Electrification of Everything.


Preserve a Valley Bottom

By utilizing a small, high elevation 60 hectare lake, we can ensure the preservation of greater than 15,000 hectares of prime lands in the Peace Region in NorthEast BC.


Save (a Bundle)

We can generate superior, more flexible capacity with significantly less debt load compared to completing the Site C project.


Do the Right Thing

It is possible to replace Site C power and energy in a manner that makes sense economically, environmentally and respects Indigenous Rights and Free, Prior and Informed Consent.

…the citizens of the Columbia River Valley have had their precious, productive valley bottom taken away in order to provide low cost power for all British Columbians. The value of the loss to the communities and ecosystems affected has not been reconciled to date and the impacts are felt daily. Pending local approval for our project, we hope that the citizens of the Peace Region can be spared this same fate. By utilizing a small 60 hectare lake, we can ensure the preservation of greater than 15,000 hectares of prime lands in the Peace for wildlife, farm lands and for adherence to First Nations Treaty Rights and the concept of Free, Prior and Informed Consent.

We’d Love to Hear From You

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